Brief overview of blackjack Insurance

Blackjack insurance is the common term that is used in blackjack game. This blackjack insurance is given to the players in the case where the dealer draws single card. Blackjack insurance bet is nothing but the side bet apart from original wager and is wagered at the half of initial stake and is done in order to protect that had against dealer who is drawing blackjack. Online casino will inform the player about the blackjack insurance and player will be given the chance to accept or else decline. Immediately casino will place insurance bet on player. In case dealer draws blackjack then insurance is paid with the odds of around 2-1 but in this position initial bet will be lost. In the either situation where dealer doesn’t have any blackjack then player will lose insurance bet and game is carried on in the normal process. Suppose that dealer has ace in his hand and casinos is making usage of 2 cards in order to draw then casino immediately checks for blackjack straight away before continuing the game.

So do you think that insurance blackjack really worth it? According to my opinion insurance bet is worth only if player tries to track down aces. For example if player decides that they always need insurance then it is better to count the aces as it is quite easy to remember of how many actual insurance bets are taken with. To summarize we can tell that blackjack insurance is another form of taking money from you by the casino.

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