Covertcasino adds online slot reviews at lightning pace

Online slots are now becoming so popular that independent review sites are shifting their scopes from mainstream website reviews to the applications on those websites instead. By this they mean rather than looking at a particular casino brand or operator, looking at their games portfolios and playability capabilities instead. The process seems a logical step for those trying to identify the best casinos on the market without falling head first into the sink trap of welcome bonuses and other pre-membership... more

Michael Owen to Represent BetVictor Casino

This month, Michael Owen has signed a new sponsorship with BetVictor in a three-year deal, which means the Merseyside boy will become the new face of the gambling brand.   There are more online casinos in the UK than ever before which has led to the highest ever level of competition.  For this reason, casino brands must try to promote their brand to ensure they are getting a significant piece of the pie.  Celebrity endorsement seems to be the thing of the moment.  Last week, Verne Troyer... more

The game of pleasure and entertainment

People believe that casino games are of chance and luck. There are both disadvantages and advantages associated with this game. It purely depends on the individual player how he or she takes it. Both the offline and online website games are becoming very interesting to customers. With increasing advantages of casinos online, many customers tend to rely on online poker games when compared to offline casinos. Online games are a lot quicker and conventional when compared to offline games. There are... more

De Unibet Bonus – Niet Eén Bonus, Maar Drie!

Bij Unibet weten ze hoe ze hun spelers gelukkig moeten houden. Niet alleen bieden ze een “standaard” Unibet Bonus aan voor nieuwe spelers, maar ook nog twee anderen. Standaard is tussen aanhalingstekens omdat het een behoorlijk hoge bonus is, die tot 200 Euro kan oplopen. De tweede bonus is de doorverwijzingsbonus, die op dit moment op 40 Euro per doorverwezen vriend staat. Dit kan aardig oplopen als je meerdere vrienden doorverwijst. En ga er maar vanuit dat ze interesse hebben als je er... more

When and why you can Play Free Casino Slots Games

Free casino slots There are so many different slots games being offered at online casinos, it has become important for players to properly understand the different options offered to be able to go for the best one. Of course once you know the different variations available and their terms and conditions you can pick the once most favorable. However we can never know the game unless we have tried it and this is exactly why the free casino slots games are getting popular. At these free games, we can... more

Fun filled earning with casino games

The next big thing in gaming market is casino gaming, and they are getting increased recognition with every single passing day. Casinos are so popular across the globe that every person prefers spending some time there whenever he is free. Casino games are most popular activity for people all around the world. But they are much more than just a fun activity. Many people play casino games for their living, and make handsome money through them. No matter what is the reason behind playing casino games,... more

Factors that are used to rate the online casinos

In any casinos there are some factors that are included and these factors determine the ratings that should be given to the casino. Some of these factors include: 1.Appearance of the casino For any best casino games, the look as well as feel of casino is quite important and in case the casino is eye catching then it attracts more customers towards the casino. Attractive colors, high quality music, picture table design, dealer’s voice as well as complete representation of casino are considered into... more

Best feature that make the casino more appealing is splitting cards

Best feature of online blackjack which makes the game more appealing is splitting cards. In this feature as with any other option like double bet even this demand the players to double of the initial stake. At this point of time the player should be in a position to take decision and in case player decides to move head in the game then they have to hit split button which is available on screen. There includes huge strategies that are available with the splitting cards but one of these strategies... more

Few secrets that are associated with dealer

Gambling is best known for fairness and this can proved in such a manner that all the casinos will not take money from you continuously instead they offer with huge amounts of money. There would be no point of impression where the casino doesn’t give any money for the amount that they have paid in the form of deposit. This describes the reason where many players spend most of their valuable time only at the casinos and here the customer has higher chance of winnings. The casinos that offer with... more